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Sprinkler Service and Installation in McKinney, Texas

The city of McKinney, located about 32 miles north of the Dallas metropolitan area in northern Texas, is an ever-growing community quickly becoming one of the top competitors for the fastest growing city in the US. It is already considered the nineteenth most populated urban area of Texas.

Living in a city that boasts being unique by nature, you would no doubt find beautiful parks and gardens within its network of busy streets. McKinney’s humid sub-tropic geographical placement might make it especially challenging to landscape those beautifully sylvan gardens or parks.

If you ever wondered what the secret is to creating such delightful settings, you will be surprised to know that it simply requires a good irrigation system. Sure, you can paint your lawn green, but that would just be crafting a lie. Nothing is more beautiful than a naturally landscaped garden, and the greener it is, the more satisfying and environment-friendly it is.

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The sprinkler services and installations in McKinney, Texas, are among the most trusted in the business and will offer you the secret power that your neighbors are hiding from you. It might seem like a simple addition to your garden, but sprinkler irrigation is what you need to make that magical difference. Especially in the heat of the Texas Blackland Prairies.

How do Sprinkler Systems Work?

A sprinkler irrigation system is a network of pipes, valves, and pumps installed in your yard or garden to automatically feed it water that is sprinkled over the lawn to mimic rainfall. It is usually placed underground and connected to your public water supply.


Unless you have a pre-bought sprinkler system, most irrigation services will offer to sell you a system. The customer’s needs determine most times, the kind of system, and its relative size. If you have a small lawn in a high-rainfall climate, a less complicated system would be recommended.

But for drier climates and bigger lawns or greater purposes, a more extensive industrial system would be needed. Most landscaping services can help with all the technical assessment of your lawn and will advise accordingly.


Following the purchase of a sprinkler irrigation system, you would need to install it in your yard. Installation can be a complicated and laborious process, more so if you are inexperienced. The pipes need to be buried as does the sprinkler units, and then everything has to be connected properly.

The system would also have to be joined with your water supply and then be programmed according to designated automation. To ease their customer’s complications, landscaping services will do the installation for you, so you don’t have to struggle through it.

They will also aid in the programming of the automated system and will advise which settings would best suit your garden’s needs.


Many irrigation systems come with warranties, but no sprinkler system is entirely immune to faults or wear and tear. Continuous maintenance of your installed system is something of a necessity. For this reason, landscaping services will offer their indefinite support with technical issues and breakdowns.

If you use the same service company, they will often certify their work and offer free-of-charge assistance within a given time. Sprinkler systems are exposed to several elements that would cause them to wear, and if you have pets, you might run a greater risk.

Fault repair is, therefore, inevitable, but it is best to trust the expertise of an experienced sprinkler technician.

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