How Much Will an Inground Sprinkler System Cost?

Maintaining a perfectly green lawn is not solely dependent on proper water distribution. Depending on where you live, the regular rainfall might be enough to keep the foliage in your yard healthy and growing. Still, if you are living in a hot and dry climate like Texas puts out during summer, you will need to make certain investments in order to ensure proper water distribution.

Your best option? That would be installing an inground sprinkler system. There are more than a few benefits to this, but, before you can get to those, you need to know if this option is affordable for you.

We have reviewed the average related costs in order to answer your questions about how much an inground sprinkler system will cost you. So, let’s get right to it to determine the costs involved, whether you can afford it, and the benefits of a sprinkler system for your yard.

Can You Afford an Inground Sprinkler System?

The answer to this question is not as simple as it seems. It depends on a variety of factors, including where you live, as well as if you will be paying for the materials separately or combined with the price of labor.

Reviewing the average national costs, we came to the conclusion that the installation of a sprinkler system on an area of 1/4 acre will cost you anywhere between $1,700 and $3,300, which comes out to a national average of $2,500. This does, of course, depend on the material that is involved, as well as the quality of work done.

An interesting fact is that Americans spend around $6 billion on making sure that their yard is as green as it can be. Bearing this in mind, there are a couple of tricks you can try to reduce inground sprinkler system costs, while also ensuring proper water distribution.

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First and foremost, if your yard is large and you don’t have the budget to support it, we suggest you start by installing a system that will cover only a few zones; this is a cost-effective way that will still allow you to cover more zones later on. Additionally, while the sprinkler heads do cost quite a bit, we suggest that you go for the best ones initially and, thus, reduce the amount of money you will be spending on maintenance and service later on.

Another cost-related fact is that, by investing in an efficient inground sprinkler, the water will be distributed more evenly, which will save you money in the long run.

Benefits of an Inground Sprinkler System

The main feature of a sophisticated sprinkler system is that these are highlighted by sensors and high-quality water gauges, which is the reason why the amount of distributed water is saved in the long-term. These sprinkler systems will not waste more water than needed, which is not the case with manual watering.

Another environmental benefit is that a perfectly watered lawn is able to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide, ozone, and sulfur, while simultaneously producing a good amount of oxygen. Additionally, it can trap harmful airborne compounds and contribute to cooling your lawn area. Last, but not least, it also reduces erosion and improves soil quality.

Talking about the financial benefits, the main one certainly is saving water costs. Along with that, the value of your house can be increased by anywhere from 10% to 20%, as long as you take good care of the inground sprinkler system. Not only that, but it is much more efficient on time, as well; long gone are the times when you had to go around with the hose making sure that each zone is properly watered.

At the end of the day, a proper sprinkler system will contribute to the aesthetic appeal of your yard. How so? It will maintain the healthy, green surface that you will get to enjoy. Not only that, but it may also help your landscape reach its full potential. On top of all that, an inground sprinkler system mostly works in the morning, which means it will not affect the use of your yard later in the day.


While the cost of inground sprinkler system installation can vary anywhere between $1,700 to $3,300 depending on the area you live in, the size of your lawn, and the quality of the sprinkler heads and water gauges, it is a worthy investment. Not only will it help you maintain a green yard, but it also contributes to the environment and increases the overall value of your home. So what are you waiting for? It is definitely something to add to your home’s value and aesthetic appeal.

How Much Will an Inground Sprinkler System Cost

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