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Lawn Sprinkler Not Working

Sprinkler Repair

To keep your lawn and garden green and blooming, even with your busy daily schedule, you will need some system of irrigation. This is when the need for the services of sprinkler repair professionals in Plano will become apparent. If you look at the lush, green scenery in Plano, Texas, the obvious thought that comes to mind is that the sprinklers in this place work well and are in top condition, which says a lot about the professionals keeping it in mint condition.

Drip Irrigation

The use of drip irrigation in Plano, and its surrounding areas have been becoming popular in recent times. Compared to conventional sprinkler systems, drip irrigation offers benefits that are far more useful for gardeners in warmer regions like Texas, such as improved resilience against evaporation, economical use of water resources, and better preservation of nutrients.

Sprinkler Installation

On the recreational front, Plano stands well ahead of other cities. With plenty of recreational facilities and activities to keep the citizens of Plano busy, they have no chance to get bored. One of the best features of Plano is its great, quiet, and spacious residential neighborhoods. With lush gardens and extensive beautiful green lawns, these neighborhoods are garden paradises. To keep these tremendous and gorgeous lawns in top condition, a well-placed and reliable automatic sprinkler system is a must. Plano is home to many professional home irrigation sprinkler system installation service providers.

Spending summer in Texas without having a cool escape? You had better reconsider because it can get pretty hot and sweaty. You can either frequently visit the public pool, or you can just chill out in your private pool, if you have one. However, if your pool is not well-maintained, you likely won’t be too eager to spend any time there.

Before summer starts this year, avail yourself of the expert pool maintenance and installation services in and around Plano, Texas. Have your pool inspected, checked for chemical levels, repaired, cleaned, and installed, and have the experience you deserve chilling in your new pool. If you are looking for professional pool maintenance, you can check out the following available services.

Pool Cleaning

How hard can it be, right? All you need to do is remove the dirt and floating particles from the pool’s surface, and you are good to go. However, this task isn’t as simple as it seems, and most pool owners are unable or unwilling to do it themselves. This is where proper pool maintenance services in Plano can come to the rescue. Sometimes it is best left to professionals when it comes to the safety and health of you and your family.

A typical pool cleaning job offers services that include algae removal, water purification, filter cleaning, skimming, starting with a chemical analysis or the pool’s water. If you opt for weekly or biweekly pool cleaning, the additional services such as vacuuming the pool, brushing tile lines and walls, and backwashing are also provided.

Pool Water and Chemical Levels Testing

If you and your family are going to have a fun-filled summer in your backyard pool, you need to make sure it’s healthy. Along with a  thorough cleaning, it is also essential that the pool water is free from harmful chemicals and bacteria. For this purpose, a pool maintenance service in Plano will offer chemical-level testing for your pool’s water.

A qualified technician will use certified testing equipment on the water to determine if it is safe or unsafe for long-term use. A professional will conduct tests for measuring the pH and alkalinity balance in the water. In order to prevent calcification, the services will also make sure that a proper amount of chlorine is present in the water. They will adjust any unbalanced chemical in the water to its correct level.

Pool Repair Services

A well-maintained pool needs it’s interior and all mechanical parts working in top-notch condition. If you want to have an amazing pool that lasts long in terms of health and safety, it is a good idea to use a good pool repair service. Pool maintenance and installation services in Plano, Texas, have extensive experience in repairing and servicing almost all types of pools, including in-ground and above ground pools. Having trouble draining the pool or tired of leaks? No worries!

It takes only a phone call, and you can get services such as pool leaks repair, crack repairs, pool drain cleaning, pool heater service and repair, repair underground pool plumbing, replacement of pool filter, vinyl liner repair and replacement, and pool pumps. With these professional services available in Plano, your summer will go smoothly.

Other Services Offered

If you are interested in using a pool maintenance service, apart from those services mentioned above, check out the services offered below:

  • Pool opening and closing (both inground and above ground)
  • Plug removal
  • Acid washing (best for the removal of algae stains, oxidized metals, and foreign particles)
  • Stain removal services
  • Installing return jets
  • Adding water and pool filling
  • Chemical washing (chlorine chemical rinse)