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Drip Irrigation in Plano, Texas

The city of Plano, located approximately 20 miles north of downtown Dallas, is one of Texas’  most popular communities and one of the most populated metros of Collin County. As part of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, Plano enjoys lucrative opportunities and is known to be an ideal family suburban complex.

In this city of excellence, as its inhabitants often call it, you will undoubtedly find gardens and parks of exquisite beauty. Plano’s boast of excellence not only applies to the feature-rich living conditions of the city, but also to the beautiful yards that line its many streets and neighborhoods.

It makes you wonder how the people of Plano grow such lavish lawns and gardens in the humid sub-tropic climate of northern Texas. Plano is located in the sunbelt of the Texas Blackland Prairie. Hot summers and mild winters are a common feature of similar climates, with spring being its wettest season. Without a proper irrigation system, growing a decent-looking lawn and garden in Plano is nearly impossible.

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The use of drip irrigation in Plano, and its surrounding areas have been becoming popular in recent times. Compared to conventional sprinkler systems, drip irrigation offers benefits that are far more useful for gardeners in warmer regions like Texas, such as improved resilience against evaporation, economical use of water resources, and better preservation of nutrients.

What is Drip Irrigation?

Drip irrigation is a micro-irrigation method that was developed to better serve organic farmers by improving the negative qualities of a sprinkler system. Sprinkler systems often cause erosion, and its water consumption is sometimes too much for your garden’s needs and is not micro manageable.

The first-ever use of drip irrigation was recorded approximately 700 BC in ancient China. It has been in development ever since, aided by botanic scientists who have studied to find the best means to irrigate crops. The success of drip irrigation has improved agriculture the world over.

Drip irrigation works in a different method than a sprinkler system. Instead of spraying the water over your yard to mimic rain, drip irrigation, as the name suggests, provides water for plants and lawns directly to the roots from either above or below the soil.

The direct approach of automatically feeding water eliminates the greater chances of evaporation, especially beneath a scorching sun. The micro-control of the water used also improves the economic strain of maintaining a lush green lawn.

In some systems where it is applied for tree growth or something similar with a wider root zone, a micro-spray head would be used. Better control of the water disbursement also decreases weed growth, as now only the designated plants receive water.


Some of the disadvantages that drip irrigation has include a higher initial price But considering the amount of money saved on the water bill, it does not seem to be a negative if deciding on an upgrade. Polymer degradation is a common problem that affects the pipes used in your system.

This is caused by excessive exposure to the sun, and in warmer conditions, this would lead to an increase in maintenance duties. The degrading plastic polymer can, unfortunately, seep into the ground or be released into the surrounding air. This could poison the soil and ultimately constrict the growth of plants, if not kill them.

Precautions are usually taken to avoid degradation of the pipes. The water feed has to be properly filtered to prevent blockages in the pipes or to prevent bio-growth like algae from overgrowing in the pipes. If not properly installed to the recommendations of the required land assessment, some have found that it was a complete waste of time, water, and money.

Take care to install the right drip irrigation system for your yard, and ensure that it is installed correctly if you want to have the benefits of a drip irrigation device. Rest assured that the beneficial gains of drip irrigation far outweigh its disadvantages that are easily controlled or even eliminated.

Services Offered for Drip Irrigation in Plano

Land Assessment

For the installation of a drip irrigation system, a land assessment is more important than usual with sprinkler systems. To determine the right kind and size of the system you need, landscaping companies will assess your property or area you want irrigated. They will determine the land topography, soil type, water needs, and the agro- or crop climatic conditions to advise you on the best system for your garden’s needs.


Following the assessment of your land as part of your consultation, a landscaping service would offer to sell you a system, or you can buy your own. Ensure the system that you buy adheres to the quality checks that you are advised to look for when buying a drip irrigation system. These qualities will best suit your yard and provide you with optimum efficiency in creating the lovely landscape you want.


It is recommended that you use the installation services of a certified drip irrigation technician, as some of the equipment is sensitive and misuse of it could result in the loss of money.

Although these systems are less complicated than sprinklers, a landscaping company would still be best to trust with the installation process, unless you are familiar with the setup. Drip irrigation consultants of Plano are trustworthy and boast long years of experience that you, as a consumer, can count on.


Furthermore, in the continuous use of your drip irrigation system, a landscaping company will offer you their regular support with technical problems and the all-important maintenance. Your system is susceptible to elements that can eventually affect its performance.

If you want to keep it working at optimum proficiency, you will have to spend time on maintaining the system. Plano’s customer services in this regard are almost legendary, very friendly, and eager to be of help.

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