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Sprinkler Repair in Plano, Texas

The city of Plano is located in Collin County, Texas, and is a city of enormous diversity. Plano is a safe city to raise your kids, and is also an ideal place to retire peacefully. With all of the community projects going on, especially for older people, Plano is also a city for those who are retired but cannot just sit at home. Most people love having beautiful lawns and plants growing around them, and the homeowners of Plano, Texas, are no exception.

Long summers in Plano make it possible for homeowners to have a nice, green lawn, as well as other plants for most of the year. When you drive through the residential areas and public places, the beautiful green lawns are one of the most attractive scenes, that will always stay engraved in your mind.

To keep your lawn and garden green and blooming, even with your busy daily schedule, you will need some system of irrigation. This is when the need for the services of sprinkler repair professionals in Plano will become apparent.

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If you look at the lush, green scenery in Plano, Texas, the obvious thought that comes to mind is that the sprinklers in this place work well and are in top condition, which says a lot about the professionals keeping it in mint condition.

What Type of Repairs Can Be Done by Sprinkler Repair Professionals in Plano?

With water conservation guidelines in place in Plano, Texas, you will need to have your sprinkler system in tip-top condition to comply with the weekly watering recommendations.


Water Pressure

Before turning on your sprinkler system, test the water pressure. The correct pressure should be around 40 to 60 PSI. If it is not correct, find a professional to fix the problem, or your system may not operate correctly.

Sprinkler Heads

Make sure there are no broken or missing sprinkler heads. This could cause your sprinkler system not to distribute the water across the lawn evenly, and you may end up with runoff and wet spots.

Adjust your Sprinkler Head

You want to make sure your sprinkler heads are at the right angle because if they are not correctly set, it may also cause uneven watering.

Control Timers

Make sure the timers are in working order and set for the correct cycles.

Some of the Common Repairs for Sprinkler Systems in Plano

Sprinkler Heads

Sprinkler heads are easily damaged. They could be damaged by running into them with the lawnmower, or having dogs that like to dig and destroy. A lush, green lawn is always an attraction for four-legged beasts, as well as anyone living in your home. That is, after all, the reason why you have a lush, green lawn. Sometimes, dirt may get into your sprinkler heads, causing it to clog up, and they may fail to spray.

Normally, the wiper seal inside the sprinkler heads just packs up, causing water to flow out on the side of the sprinkler head instead of the top. Another common problem is the rotary at the top of the sprinkler head fails, and that requires replacement of that sprinkler head.

Broken Valves

Valves are buried in the ground and are commonly covered with a green lid. The diaphragm inside the valve may wear out and constantly drips water. The problem cannot be observed from outside the valve, and the only way you might see a problem is irregular spraying of the sprinkler heads. If this happens, chances are you have a broken valve, and the diaphragm needs to be replaced. Good professional advice from your sprinkler repair service supplier will be needed to do the right repairs and replacements.

Leaking Pipes

This is quite a common problem that occurs in sprinkler systems. The pipes could have been accidentally damaged with gardening tools or been damaged over a cold winter. When you see a flooded or sodden lawn, broken pipes may be the source of that. It would be easiest and wisest to get a professional sprinkler repairperson to locate and solve the problem.

The Sprinkler System Motor

If the sprinkler system is not as effective as it should be, the spray is weak, and the lawn is still dry, the problem may be the system’s motor, among other things. For this problem, it is always the better option for a professional to help you solve the problem and save you a great deal of time.

Important Information

A good-quality sprinkler system should give you years of service. Together with a good maintenance plan, your sprinkler system should last for many years to come. Regular inspection of your system may help you identify problems before they become costly repair jobs. Small breakage may occasionally occur, but not so much as to cause a breakdown of your sprinkler system. With a good routine maintenance plan between you and your sprinkler repair professional services in Plano, Texas, your system may give you many years of service.

Last words of advice: Whenever you have a breakage or any problem that cannot be easily detected, the temptation may always be to do it yourself. Some people are naturally inclined and able to fix almost anything themselves, but most of us will need professional advice and guidance. To save yourself time and, in some cases, unnecessary costs, it is best to get help from the people who are trained to do the job. Rest assured, you may turn to your Plano sprinkler repair services with peace of mind.

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To keep your lawn and outside greenery in lush condition, make sure you have a good sprinkler system installed and maintained. There are professional sprinkler repair services available in Plano, Texas, for all your sprinkler needs. If the need ever arises for repairs and maintenance and annual checkups of your sprinkler system, please use this page for prompt and reliable services needed for your sprinkler repairs. By using this service page, you can fill out the form with your contact details.

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